Harran University Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department has been established in constitution of Engineering Faculty and started to accept students to undergraduate, Msc. and Ph.D programmes. Education language is Turkish in our department and there is also an optional preparation class.

The department is in the service of undergraduate, Msc. and Ph.D student with laboratories and classrooms in department facility which is located in Harran University Osmanbey Campus. The department accepts 50 students each year and employes 2 Professors, 2 Assoc. Prof., 6 Asst. Prof. and 6 Res. Asst.. Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department aims to meet the expectations of industry of region with GAP and solar power plant projects rising. 


                                                                   Prof. Dr. Ali KIRÇAY
                                                                   Prof. Dr. Mehmet Tahir GÜLLÜOĞLU
                                                                   Assoc. Prof. Mehmet ÇELEBİ
                                                                   Asst. Prof. Nurettin BEŞLİ
                                                                   Asst. Prof. Ümit ÜNCÜ
                                                                   Asst. Prof. Hasan GÖKTAŞ
                                                                   Asst. Prof. Hasari KARCI
                                                                   Asst. Prof. Abdulkadir GÜMÜŞÇÜ
                                                                   Asst. Prof. Kerim KARADAĞ
                                                                   Res. Asst. Taner KARSLI
                                                                   Res. Asst. Fatma Zuhal ADALAR
                                                                   Res. Asst. Hasan Hüseyin KARAOĞLU
                                                                   Res. Asst. Ünal YILMAZ
                                                                   Res. Asst. Uğur HARMANCI
                                                                   Res. Asst. Fatih KORKMAZ


What is Electrical & Electronics Engineering?
• It's a combination of electrical engineering with electronics and communication engineering. Electrical & Electronics Engineering is an engineering branch which is related with electricity production, transmission, distribution and development and inspection of electronic devices and communication systems. People who are graduated and trained in these fields are entitled as Electrical & Electronics Engineers. 

Tasks of an Electrical & Electronics Engineer
•Producing electricity from natural and artificial resources.
•Ensuring and planning transmission of electric power from the production plants to final consumers.
•Ensuring production, maintenance, operation and development of analog and digital systems.
•Development, production, maintenance or even marketing of communicaiton systems and calculating related costs.

Devices an Electrical & Electronics Engineer Work with
•Avometer, oscilloscope, generator, motor, integrated systems, spectrum analysers, computers with various engineering softwares and many other devices.

The Conditions an Electrical & Electronics Enginneer Work under

•Works in offices or worksites.
•Power Plants or laboratories,
•Offices for planning and projects,
•Hospitals for biomedical imaging devices,
•Switchyards and power plants for electricity production and transmission,
•Private and official organisations like Telekom, Trt, Tek, Türk Kablo, Viko, Siemens etc..

The Education an Electrical & Electronics Enginner Get
•Engineer candidates who are eligible to attend the universities with related examination gets a 4 year education (excluding the preparation class) in Engineering or Technology Faculties.
•Introduction to Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Programming, Material Science and fundamental maths and physics are the first step for first year students. The curriculum goes on with the    loaboratories and experiencing on circuit printing with the Electric Machines, Power Electronics, Electromagnetics Theory, Microprocessors and Summer Internships.

Who Can Study Electrical & Electronics Engineering?
•Anybody who can get high enough results and graduated from their departments can be engineers but there are some key points for career planning.
•Main criterions to be an Electrical & Electronics Engineer are as below:
•Being able to think numerical and analytical,
•Being interested in physical quantities and electronics both mentally and physically,
•Being talented on planning and designing,
•Being able think creatively, and have the desire to invent,
•Having good communication skills, with team spirit and discipline on work field which you will work with technicians, workers an many others, 
•Being able to take risks and not afraid or trying new things.




Source: https://www.muhendisbeyinler.net



Harran University
Engineering Faculty
Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department
Osmanbey Campus
PK 153 63000 , Şanlıurfa
Phone: 0414 3183000 - 1382

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