Believing in universal values, constantly renewing ourselves, aiming on lifelong learning, capable to analyze and synthesize, internalizing creative, enterprising, inquisitive, ethical values, with prone to teamwork trained individuals, the formation of a department is being realized. This department gives priority to understanding of national and international cooperation and solidarity, and pioneering scientific research and technology development studies aimed at improving the quality of life and the development of society.

To be an outstanding department that educates individuals according to the needs of the country, region and university by using the latest technologies in geomatics, contributing to the national and international level through bilateral cooperation, research and development projects in order to become graduates qualified for the benefit of country and humanity.


Harran University
Faculty of Engineering
Department of Geomatics Engineering
Osmanbey Campus
PC 63000, Sanliurfa

0 414 318 30 00 / 1687
(Department Secretary)


0414 318 37 99