Engineering Faculty Students Receive Workplace Training Receipts in OSB Enterprise
Harran University Engineering Faculty, Şanlıurfa Organized Industrial Zone Directorate, Engineering Faculty signed a "Workplace Training Protocol" aimed at getting practical information from senior students.
Speaking at the signing ceremony program aimed at increasing university-industry cooperation, Harran University Rector Prof. Dr. Ramazan Taşaltın emphasized the importance of university-industry collaboration.
Rector Taşaltın, who started by thanking industrialists for being a stakeholder in such a cooperation protocol, said that "This protocol is very important for breaking the false perceptions between the university industrialists. The perception that the university is only an institution that provides theoretical education is at present. In the eyes of the university, there was a perception that the industrialist thought only of work. With this protocol, we will completely break such perceptions. If we fully believe in the power of knowledge, we are also making great distances in industry, like in other fields. In both there is a great need Turkey's Şanlıurfa ".
Yunus Emre Aksu, Director of Sanliurfa Organized Industrial Zone, who later spoke: "The cities are two locomotives. One of them is the industry and the other is the university. If these two institutions cooperate and accomplish good works, those cities definitely develop. We will continue to work with our university as an industrial zone in every aspect. We will continue to be a stakeholder with our university in every project. " Dean of Engineering Faculty Dr. Murat KISA said that with the collaboration of University and Industry, the students of the Engineering Faculty will spend the last semester of their education in hands-on training. 
With the protocol signed, University-Industry cooperation will be increased and qualified engineers needed by the industry will be trained to help the student prepare for the real business life. It is also aimed to increase the employment rate of graduates, to use their theoretical knowledge and to give them the ability to transfer them to practice. 
The program, Rector Prof. Dr. Following the signing ceremony, Yunus Emre Aksu, Director of the Organized Industrial Zone, who is the stakeholder of the project, was given a plaque by businessmen by Ramazan Taşaltın.
Name list of companies that support signature protocol:
Thermosan Steel Industry and Trade Company
Badıllı Agricultural Machinery Industry Trade Limited Company
Arma Panel Industry and Trade Inc.
Meksan Transformer Industry Trade Limited Company
Fırat Motor and Pump Electrical Industry Trade Limited Company
EMG Yarn Industry and Trade Limited Company
Kılıçlar Import Kitchenware Industry and Trade Limited Company
Zahter Food Industry & Trade Limited Company
Rasa Power Generation Inc.
Ocean Socks Industry and Trade Limited Company
Sub Pipe Industry and Trade Inc.