Within the scope of Clean Energy Campus Project, Osmanbey Campus, which is the new settlement place of Harran University and the construction of various service buildings, was targeted to reach the Republic in the 100th year as the cleanest and most economical energy campus in the world. On the other hand, new production technology, new methods of use and new joint-system building goals are being studied while the project, which is a simultaneous implementation and research and development work, uses ready-made renewable energy technologies from one side to reduce campus energy consumption.
The choice of ready-made technologies has been made by taking into account regional requirements and regional applicability.
The project is defined by three main headings:
        i) By using photovoltaic (PV) power systems of the electricity energy required for intensive use in the campus,
        ii) Reducing consumption by using thermal solar energy systems in some applications that cause excessive energy consumption on the campus,
        iii) Investigation of new technologies and applications for efficient use of photovoltaic energy.
Within this scope, there are solar energy, wind energy and hydrogen energy applications realized within the scope of "Clean Energized Campus Project" at the Solar Energy Research and Application Center at Harran University.

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