Ahmet Ekin completed his capstone Project in Yrd. Doç. Dr. Ahmet BAYTAK consultancy by making an anrdroid based intelligent mobile application. Ahmet Ekin, Harran University Computer Engineering Department, as a 4th year student, successfully completed the project lesson, as well as to develop himself personally as an occupational field and aimed to be beneficial to the people who made this project. Ahmet chose ANDROID mobile operating system because it is' the most used mobile platform today.
Ahmet Ekin Say that the aim of this project is to help those who have problems sleeping in the morning and especially those who want to learn English.People learn best when it comes to sleep.In this way those who want to learn English in particular will learn English words better in the morning.
The image of the Alma Application is shown in Fig.1
Figure 1: Alarm Application

Askeri Özer completed his capstone Project in Assist. Assoc. Dr. M. Akif  NACAR consultancy by making an PHP based news site. On the screen of this news site, users will be shown detailed information about the news when they click on a message that shows the top ten news items.
In addition, users will be able to comment on the news and  will be found their comments under the commented news and names of commenters.
There are two ways to enter the site as members and guests. Users will be able to communicate with each other and talk to each other on the chat screen. In addition, users will be able to chat among themselves, which will be private, only the two users who open the conversation will see these conversations, others don’t see these messages. Adding news to the site can only be done by admin. The image of the News Site is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: News Site With PHP

Ayşe Acar, Mehmet Türk ve Lalihan Taş completed his capstone Project in Prof. Dr. Ramazan TAŞALTIN consultancy by developing a software on vehicle tracking with MATLAB. Tracking moving objects in images is one of the important issues in computer vision applications. There are many different applications for motion detection and analysis. For example, under military applications the destruction of a moving target is of great importance for the development of intelligent weapons for national security. Similarly the automatic interpretation of human activities in sensitive security environments can be achieved through the establishment of a robust and reliable system based on vision that has the ability to detect and track people.
  The presence of moving targets is also important in situations such as road traffic control, parking control. To reach the motion data requires that the shape and position information of the target object be determined with minimum error. The fact that the edges of the object sought in the viewpoint are accurate and precise, or that the motion of the object is precisely detected, reveals the real shape of the object. The aim of this study is to perform motion analysis and vehicle recognition in real time in a precise manner. It was aimed to determine the traffic intensity by detecting and counting vehicles that are in motion. A cross section of an example video used for the project is given in Fig.3.

Figure 3:  Vehicle Tracking With Matlab

Sedat Akkaya completed his capstone Project in Dr. M. Hadi SUZER consultancy by developing a digital visual thermometer. Digital demonstration thermometer project which is done as a capstone project; arduino UNO, Temperature Sensor, LCD Display and Potashometer using a design that will detect the temperature of the environment will allow to do the desired job.
The installation of hardware in order to perform these operations will be included within the scope of the project to be carried out and the coding and design of the Arduino microcontroller.  In this study, the working principles of sensors and ardunio cards, the technologies used, the components they contain, the hardware and codes used are explained. In Figure 4 a section from the project is given.

Figure 4:  Digital Indicative Thermometer



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