The available freshwater resources on Earth, which can be used by humans and all other living beings, are quite limited. There are over a billion people who do not have access to this natural resource due to physical, political, and economic reasons. The preservation of continuously decreasing and highly polluted water at its natural source, the management of irrigation practices according to standard norms, and the facilitation of accessibility to water in irrigation services are among the top priorities for all nations and responsible international organizations. The social and ecological devastation caused by the decreasing and polluted water is increasingly being felt every day.
In line with the mission it undertakes, our Department of Agricultural Structures and Irrigation aims to provide solutions and recommendations for water scarcity issues in the GAP (Southeastern Anatolia Project) region, optimize the utilization of resources, improve water quality, participate in research and development projects related to the planning and operation of water resources, and educate competent Agricultural Engineers who are capable of following high-confidence technological advancements.

Prof. Dr. Ali Fuat TARI
Head of Department



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