Education Program Outputs

1-Having sufficient background in basic science and related engineering subjects; have the ability to use theoretical and practical knowledge in these fields together to solve the problems in agricultural machinery.
2-To gain the ability to use modern engineering techniques, skills and calculation tools required for engineering applications.
3-To be able to design and implement experiments, to acquire data, to analyze and interpret data obtained, to be able to access the information and to do resource research for this purpose, to use databases and other sources of information.
4-The ability to identify, identify, follow, interpret, formulate and solve current professional problems; have the ability to choose and apply appropriate methods and techniques for this purpose.
5-The ability to analyze a system, system component or process and design it under realistic constraints to meet the requirements; to be able to apply modern design methods in this direction.
6-Be conscious of the effects of universal and social dimensions of engineering solutions and applications; be aware of entrepreneurship and innovativeness issues and have knowledge about the problems of the age.
7-To be able to select, plan and operate optimum mechanization systems in industry organizations based on agriculture and agriculture and to produce appropriate solutions in order to solve the problems that may be faced.
8-To be able to plan and use energy sources in the field of agriculture and agriculture based industry as sensitive to environment and to have sufficient consciousness about environmental protection, occupational health and safety and quality issues in the activities it carries out.
9-Ability to work effectively with multidisciplinary teams, self-confidence to take responsibility and ability to be consultant in the relevant sectors.
10-To be aware of the necessity of lifelong learning, to monitor the developments in science and technology and to have the ability to constantly renew itself.
11-To understand the requirements of professional and ethical responsibility and to take responsibility.
12-To be able to communicate effectively with Turkish oral, written and visual tools.