Faculty of Agriculture was established as part of the Dicle University in 1978 and has been included in the Harran University since 1992. Since that date,  Our faculty has undertaken pioneering mission in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of TURKEY and the mission still continues even today. Since its establishment, beside it has provided a major contribution to the vocational training and solution the region's agricultural problems, it has trained many specialists in the agricultural field. Our faculty which has a dynamic and young academic staff, is also provid a significant contribution to solution to agricultural problems of the region and the country.

The completing succesfully of agricultural side of Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) is in the primary mission of our faculty. For this purpose, primarily problems of GAP fields is determined and efforts are being spent to transfer to implement. National and international meetings, conventions and conferences are held for the purpose of announcement of scientific research results. Also great efforts are spent to improve the quality of research and education. Therefore, application infrastructure is getting stronger every day.

Students are accepted into 9 departments of our faculty and education and research activities continues. Every Department have got research and practice laboratories and also Our faculty has a central laboratory. Center laboratory is equipped with all tools and equipment to do the research of graduate and research assistants.

Harran University Faculty of Agriculture located inSoutheastern Anatolia in Sanliurfa province and has been active in the Eyyübiye Campus is located 7 km from the city center. Eyyübiye Campus has 982 decares field.
Faculty of agriculture is now located in Osmanbey Campus located 25 km from the city center and continuing researches and educational activity since 2009.