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       Harran University Department of Food Engineering

       The education period in the Food Engineering undergraduate program covers 8 semesters (4 years). In our department, undergraduate education begins with basic science courses such as mathematics, physics and chemistry; followed by basic engineering courses such as thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, mass and energy balances, reaction kinetics, and basic operations; In the last two years, increasing the professional competencies of the students with many elective courses such as food additives, special foods technology, food packaging, nutrition, in addition to basic courses such as food microbiology, grain technology, fruit and vegetable technology, meat technology, oil technology, milk technology is targeted. In addition, internship and intern education opportunities offered to students in our department provide students with professional experience in undergraduate education.

        Academical personal

        Our department has 7 Professor Doctors, 2 Associate Professor Doctors, 4 Doctoral Faculty Members and 1 research assistant and a wide range of academic staff who are experts in their fields.


      There are the following laboratories in our department:

1- Food Technology Laboratory
2- Dairy Technology Laboratory
3- Food Microbiology Laboratory,
4- Fruit and Vegetable Processing Laboratory
5- Grain Technology Laboratory,
6- Food Biotechnology Research Laboratory
7- Medicinal, Itri and Aromatic Plants Research Laboratory
8- Instrumental Analysis Laboratory
9- General Microbiology Laboratory
10- Product Development Laboratory
11- Quality Control Laboratory
12- Traditional Foods Laboratory
13- Process Room
14- Product Development Laboratory
15- Functional Foods Laboratory
16- Texture Analysis Research Laboratory

Also in our department; there are 2 chemical and consumable warehouses.

Activities carried out by our department
What is Food Engineering?

Food Engineering, consists of basic sciences (physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology), is an engineering discipline that finds application in the processing, preservation, transport, marketing and production of new food.
Food engineers take an active role in all processes, starting from raw materials of food that grow on the farm / farmland to the consumer, and aims to offer a wide range of nutritious, hygienic and functional products that do not cantain chemical residue for all consumer groups (astronauts, babies, adults, elderly, pregnant and special nutritional needs).
The lessons in the department are mainly in engineering courses in the first years whereas in other years food engineering is divided into basic courses such as cereal technology, milk technology, meat technology, oil technology, fruit and vegetable technology, packaging, microbiology, physicochemistry, fluid mechanics, mass and heat transfer, thermodynamics and food additives.

Students who choose this department should be successful in numerical fields, interested in researches, careful and patient. Also they should have retentive memory. In addition, being dynamics and active, predisposition to group work, focusing on project and innovation are the desirable characteristics of students who will prefer this department.
Job oppurtunities
Food engineers who have successfully completed undergraduate education; can work in The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, private research and analysis laboratories and many private food and industrial establishments as a food safety inspector in production, quality control, R-D, distribution, marketing, and procurement departments.


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Placeholder Harran University, Faculty of Engineering,
Department of Food Engineering,
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Haliliye, Şanlıurfa, Türkiye
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