Aim of the Erasmus+ Exchange Program

The program aims to integrate and increase educational quality throughout universities in both member and candidate countries. Erasmus+ encourages cooperation among universities via various mobility programs, intensive language courses, and intensive programs. Erasmus+ also aims the recognition academic degrees obtained from universities in Europe. Erasmus+ program helps to alleviate the prejudiced discrimination among various countries at the higher education levels.  Erasmus enables various nations to understand each other in Europe. More than 1.5 million higher education students have spent some parts of their lives in another country and found some opportunity to understand and learn its culture since 1987. Erasmus+ aims for at least 3 million higher education students to utilize mobility programs in the coming years.

Who can benefit from the program?

Higher education institutions in the Erasmus+ program in the 27 EU member countries and some non-member countries such as Island, Norway, Croatia, Macedonia, and Turkey can utilize from the program. In Erasmus+ mobility realization, one of the partners must be a full member of the EU. In the case of Turkish universities, partner universities must be one of the full members of the EU.  Starting from the 2007-08 academic years, all universities with Erasmus Charter in Turkey can utilize mobility programs. Candidates should be Turkish citizens or foreign-origin students registered in one of the Turkish universities. A student or staff mobility program can be practiced between the two higher education institutions possessing the Erasmus Charter. A valid bilateral agreement is also required. For training mobility, a bilateral agreement is not necessary. Staff or students can get an acceptance letter from an institution or enterprise. This is considered a valid agreement. The holder of extended Erasmus charter higher education institutions can perform placement mobility additionally. Some institutions with special Erasmus charters can only perform placement.

Please CLICK HERE for the official Erasmus+ Exchange Program website of our university for documents, forms, and detailed information.



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