What is Farabi Exchange Program?
Farabi Exchange Program provides an opportunity for the universities and institutions affiliated with the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) to exchange their students and faculty members between them. The exchange program includes all cycles of education from the associate programs to the philosophy of doctorate programs. The program allows students or faculty members to continue their studies in a different university or institution for up to two years. 
Please CLICK HERE for the official Farabi Exchange Program website of our university for documents, forms, and detailed information. (The website is in Turkish.)
Al-Farabi (871-950)
Al-Farabi was a renowned early Islamic philosopher who was born in Farab city of Turkistan in 871. His studies include various subjects such as philosophy, mathematics, logic, political philosophy, and music. He was called "the Second Teacher" in Islamic philosophy following Aristotle who was considered as "the First Teacher". He is known as "Alpharabius" in Western philosophy and he died in 950 in Damascus.


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